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[x]About Us[x]

This is a graphics community for the purpose of making friends only banners,headers,icons (if I can find a maker),Glitter names, and ect. Its still a fairly new community and we would love some more promotion! If you would like to become a maker here...feel free to im me at emo style xx saying something along the lines of beign a Graphxx maker.




oo1. ABSOLUTELY no stealing! Credit as usual.If you don't know how to credit,please make a post or read the upcoming tutorial on it.If we see you using our works,and have given us no credit...we'll give you one warning.If we see you doing it a second time or you are a repeated offender..you WILL be banned.No tolerence for stealers.

oo2. NO HOTLINKING. We like our bandwith,and would like to keep it. Save everything to your own hosts. If you don't know how to save to your own host,once again,please make a post and we will help you.

oo3. BE NICE! We're giving our time to help all of you out...please be repectful to everyone here.

oo4. No Promoting your communities in any way. Your entries will be deleted. If you would like to promote your community,contact me and I will put it up for one week for all users to see.

oo5. Do not use the graphics anywhere else besides your LIVEJOURNAL.

oo6. Sorry,we don't take layouts requests. If you owuld like a custom layouts,visit ___dreamlayouts and they will fill it for you. :)

oo7. You have 5 days to pick up your request,after that it will be moved/deleted.

oo8. You may use a graphic made for someone else,as long as you comment and ask to.If the make doesn't want you to take it,please be repectful of that.

oo9. Please use an Lj-cut for most request,or very long request.

o10.Use the request form for ALL requests.We will not fill it otherwise.

If you don't make your post Friends Only, I'll delete it. Its that simple.



[x]Application for Glitter text/name[x]

Application (Glitter Name):
oo1. What would you like the text to say?
oo2. What size would you like the text to be?
oo3. Font you would like used (place a link to download it if its not a popular text)
oo4. What fill would you like to use?(Please use one from one of these links unless you have a specific one) Fills Please pick a number from there.ITs a temprary site until I can get a better one up.
oo5. Any other customzations?


oo1. What type of image are you requesting? (header, banner, icon, FO sign, ect..)
oo2. What is your screen resolution?
oo3. Images you want used in the graphic:
oo4. Size for the graphic:
oo5. Colors you want to be used (We'll pick them if you don't give us any colors :
oo6. What writing would you like on it (if any):
oo7. What color(s) you want the writing in:
oo8. What font style you want the text in:
oo9. Any other customzations?

**Noted** If you don't give us the exact colors or text you want used..we'll use what we feel looks good.







Contact me(kaleighx@gmail.com) if you would like to become a graphics maker.



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